All about The Red Man

Hi! My name is Dominique James. Call me DJ, for short. I come from a country where practically everyone has more than one nickname, and where everyone calls each other by their nicknames, and never their real birth name (unless of course, to begin with, when a birth name suspiciously sounds like a nickname). Anyway, many thanks for coming and for checking my blog. What you will read here are personal rants, raves and musings on anything and everything that is “categorically” not about photography. Could there be a much better way for me to exorcise myself of bothersome demons than by candidly and publicly blogging (meaning, confessing) about it? You will soon see that I have some favorite “pet” topics of course, but I do cast a very wide net. Expect a surprising motley of subjects to be tackled here. Although I am very much aware that this blog can easily and quickly turn into something that is awfully self-indulgent, hang around because from out of the whole thing, some topics might just be of interest to you. In such cases, enjoy these precious common threads of interests. And yes, I realize that the topic of nicknames may not be one of our “common threads.” But just hang on, bookmark this blog, and let’s both see what comes up. Like in a roll of the dice. Or a shuffle of a playing card. Both of us, let’s take the chance.

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