Will tomorrow ever come? Will it ever happen?


We are always looking out for tomorrow. The way we live and lead our lives right now, this very moment, is always seemingly in preparation for something that is yet to come. And it has been going on like this for a long, long time. And we are getting impatient, wondering, if things are going to be actually better tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. We want to know if, finally, the tide will turn, and we would have had a handle on a force that we can ride on and take us there.

We are hoping that something better, something more wonderful and something that is of importance, will happen in our lives, some time in the near future. Meanwhile, we wallow in the common-ness and in the ordinary-ness of our present circumstance. We take things today so easily for granted, and we discount what we have today just because we are looking out to the future. And then, before it is too late, we know that we really missed something. The way we conduct our day to day lives, hoping, wishing and waiting for something to come, or even just by trying to get ready and to be prepared for something in the future, we have missed the whole point of living, which is living for the day, and making something out of the hours, the minutes, and the seconds that pass right now.

The question we want to ask is, will the “tomorrow” that we have been fervently wishing for, ever really come? With the way we waste and squander our present, will the kind of life we hope for and we wish for, ever really going to come? 

There have been moments when things happen in our todays. There are highlights that are quite memorable and those that move us forward. And yet, these are the things that carry us from here to there, but without really bringing us to where we want to go. We are lost in the shuffle and the movement of things. We lose our focus not because we want to lose our focus, but because we don’t know what’s out there that is better to do. We quickly move to where the opportunities lead us, but then again, we are not sure if that is where it will happen for us.

Our moment is the moment today. So that today’s moment will build upon more moments to come. That’s what they say is going to happen. But it doesn’t seem to be happening. There is no follow-through of each and every moment. It is not happening. Life is so disconnected. Our moments today doesn’t build on moments of the future. And so, we hop on different trains, hoping and wishing that those are the trains that will carry us to the moment we want and we’ve been waiting for.

So, the only way for tomorrow to ever come, is to fix our sight not on the moment we want for tomorrow or even the moment we want for now, but to take on the next available moment, sieze it, grab it, and latch on to it, until that moment that will yield and lead to the next. It’s the base moment that we are hoping to happen. And from one base moment to the next, maybe, that is what needs to happen.

For how long? And for how far? As long and as far as you can hold on to. Take it, one moment today at a time.


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